HATTECH Exhaust Systems
Get a comprehensive insight into the range of HATTECH exhaust systems that are developed and manufactured in Germany.
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Exhaust systems for BMW, Scrambler, Bobber, Café Racer, and more

We are your specialist for exhaust systems. HATTECH relies on sophisticated, custom ideas that are implemented precisely in high-quality craftsmanship in Germany.

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Noise Reductions

With HATTECH Noise Reductions, existing exhaust systems on many models can be made quieter across all load ranges. In this process, an idling noise measurement of 92-95 dB(A) can be achieved.

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Universal Silencer

HATTECH GUNBALL Universal Silencer with screw-on or weldable bracket for various 2V-Boxer models with E-mark. Available as a dual silencer or in left and right-sided configurations.

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