Below you will find questions and answers about shipping, taxes and installation.


Which payment methods are available during the order process?

Shipment and pick-up

Which shipping methods are available when ordering?

  • Shipment with DHL

What are the shipping costs?

Goods delivered to a country outside the EU
Deliveries of goods to a country outside the EU are invoiced tax-free. The German VAT of 19% will be deducted from the gross price.

Assembly of products directly at Hattech and export to other EU countries: When exporting the converted vehicle and sending the invoice stamped by customs, the German VAT of 19% can be refunded.

Collection of goods directly from Hattech and export to other EU countries: If the goods are not assembled directly by Hattech, a subsequent refund of German VAT is no longer possible.

Do you have a pick-up and drop-off service?
Yes, we did. You can either have your vehicle picked up by iloxx at a reasonable price or use our own pick-up and delivery service (for up to 4 motorcycles in a closed vehicle). Contact us and we will make you a personal offer.